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Manama,Kingdom of Bahrain

Hospital & Laboratory Equipments

Medical and Laboratory Equipments

Clean Room Equipments

Import and export of cleanroom medical components and supplies such as face masks, gloves, lab coats, shoe covers, gowning benches, swabs, ovens and furnaces.

Laboratory Equipments

Import and export of laboratory equipment and supplies which incledes diagnostic equipment, autoclaves, freeze dryers, furnaces, glove boxes, heaters, homogenizers, hot plates, incubators, lighted magnifiers, melting point apparatus, microscope storage and slides.

Dental Products

Import and export of dental instruments, components and supplies. They include surgical aspirators, evacuators, evacuator systems, autoclavable and disposable prophy angles, cups, brushes and pastes, aspirator cleaning brushes and related equipments.

Surgical Instruments

Import and export of surgical instruments which includes fine precision instruments, surgical needles, blades, stainless steel scissors, tweezers, forceps, hemostats, rubber bulbs, surgical knives and related supplies.

Other Accessories and Supplies

Import and export of other hospital equipments and products which include bags, packaging, bottles, buckets, barrels, carts, pipes and fittings, pumps, tanks, sheets, rods, totes, bins, trays, trash.