Po Box 11201,

Manama,Kingdom of Bahrain


Electrical and Electonics Components

Communication Cables

Import and export of Antennas, RF cable, Fiber Optics cables, Co-Axial cables, Twisted pair, Ethernet, Telecommunication, USB, Audio and Video Cables and etc.

Electrical Motors

Import and export of all types Electric motors like A.C motor ,D.C motor, Gear motors, Gear boxes, all types of pumps, Machine Tools, Geared motors, AC generators, Bench grinders and Other motors.

Batteries and Power Supply

Import and export of UPS, Inverter Transformers, Generators, Renewable energy batteries, battery chargers, battery backups, Choke coils, High voltage transformers and computer backup UPS.

Active and Passive Components

Import and export of active componets such as Ceramic filters, Coil filters, ICU’s, Memory chips.Trader of passive components such as Rectifiers, Capacitors, Coils, Inductors, Resistors and Transformers.

Other products and supplies

Distributor of other related electrical and electronic devices such as audio and video products, communication devices such as radio, Electric components fittings and spares.