Po Box 11201,

Manama,Kingdom of Bahrain

About Us

Omni is one of the most distinguished trading concern in the field of Industrial Electro-Mechanical, Instrumentation, Electronics and Telecom spares, consumables, Medical and Scientific equipment tools, Kitchen furniture and accessories providers in Bahrain and the MiddleEast. We also provide expertise in trading Water and Air Purification equipments for growing environmental needs and industrialization.

OMNI is a registered technical Trading and Services Company located in Bahrain, Middle East. Since our inception in the year 2000, Omni has grown to cater to various industrial segments in the country with specialized staffs and adequate capital.

We are committed to provide our customers the best quality products and services. As a result we have gained the long term relationships with our clients and our client base increases gradually. We have established suppliers in Europe, USA, Canada, Asia and Far East countries with whom we also have great relationships and latest technology updates in the industry.

Omni is GREEN!

On the growing revolution of Industrialization, the needs of the present have to be met without compromising the future. At Omni the concept with value, we have a responsibility to protect and assist each other on environmentalism, fair labors and progressive social policy. We support products that are produced or created through natural process.


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